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Forms and Templates


Bonus Letter - Performance

Bonus Letter - Project

Bonus Memo - Annual Performance

Bonus Memo - Project

Bonus Request Form


Disability Brochure for Faculty

Disabilty Brochure for Staff

Disability & Leave Authorization Card


AS-R Promotion Letter

AS-R New Appointment Offer Letter (Updated 5/21/19)

AS-R Renewal Letter

Bargaining Unit Offer Letter (Updated 5/21/19)

Emergency Contact Form

Exempt New Hire Offer Letter (Updated 5/21/19)

Exempt to Exempt Transfer Offer Letter

Fixed-Term Extension Template

FTE Change Template

I-9 Form

JDEF Template

Job Posting Best Practices (Added 10/29/19)

Job Posting Quick Tips (Added 10/29/19)

Mid-Year: BPI Pay Increase Template

Non-Exempt New Hire Offer Letter (Updated 5/21/19)

Non-Exempt to Exempt Transfer Offer Letter

Non-Exempt to Non-Exempt Transfer Letter

Post a Job Requisition Form

Reclassification Letter Template

Reference Check Template

Request a New Position Number

Request to Add Staff

Sample Job Posting Text (Administrative Associate) (Added 10/29/19)

Sample Job Posting Text (General) (Added 10/29/19)

Sample Job Posting Text (Student Services) (Added 10/29/19)

Search Summary Form

H&S Performance Evaluation Form (Updated 3/1/19)

H&S Performance Evaluation Form Instructions (Added 3/1/19)


Telecommuting Policy

**Please contact your HRM for more information**


AS-R Non-Renewal Letter

Fixed-Term End Template

Final Check Calculation Tool

Termination/Transfer Checklist (Added 10/29/19)