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I-9 Compliance

To comply with U.S. law, Stanford must verify eligibility for employment for all new employees – within three days of hire – by collecting Form I-9 and reviewing original and current documents establishing the employee's eligibility to work in the United States. 

In addition, current Stanford employees with expiring employment eligibility documents must be re-verified when new documents are received and before the existing documents expire. High school students must also present a valid work permit when submitting their I-9 documents.

Students and employees who have not received/obtained their Social Security Number may submit their I-9 documents prior to receipt of the SSN. Students/employees must follow up with their local department when the number is received to update their employment records.

To support H&S Departments, Programs and Centers, H&S HR provides I-9 submission services daily on a drop-in basis. Appointments are not required. 

Current H&S I-9 Processing Options (as of March 29, 2022):

In-Person I-9 Verification: (for employees in the San Francisco Bay Area) 

The H&S Service Center is open for drop in I-9 acceptance on the following schedule: 

  • Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 3:00pm. Closed for lunch from 11am - 12pm. 
  • Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm


Littlefield Center, 3rd Floor
Please take the elevator in the East Lobby to the third floor, room 331. 

  • H&S Department/Program Center:
    • Informs employee about H&S I-9 submission requirements on or before the first day of employment
    • Remind the employee they must bring the physical, original and unexpired documents to their appointment. Photocopies, photographs, and electronic copies of documents cannot be accepted.  
  • Employee:
    • Brings the following documents to their appointment:

  • ​H&S HR:
    • Meets with employee to verify the completed page 1 of the  I-9 form and photocopy eligibility documents.

    • Submits I-9 form and employment eligibility documents to payroll.

Remote I-9 Verification (for employees outside of the San Francisco Bay Area)

Employees not located in the area and are not expected to travel to campus in a timely period after their hire, or are fully remote employees must have their I-9 verified by a partner institution or through our third party provider, I-9 Anywhere. Employees cannot fully verify their employment status via email, and should not be encouraged to email these documents due to security concerns unless directed to by H&S HR.

Option 1: I-9 Anywhere

I-9 Anywhere is a service that enables new hires and existing employees who need to complete/reverify their I-9 to choose from a network of commercial verifiers located throughout the U.S. There is a $95 fee per appointment, charged to the employee’s department (an unrestricted PTA must be provided.) Please note: if an employee schedules an appointment and does not show up, the fee will still be assessed.

To schedule an I-9 Anywhere Appointment:

  • H&S Department/Program/Center: Email the following information to with the subject line I-9 Anywhere Request

    1. Employee Name

    2. Employee ID Number

    3. Department/Program

    4. PTA for the I-9 Anywhere fee (must be an unrestricted PTA)

  • H&S HR:

    1. Will request the I-9 Anywhere preparer information on behalf of the department.

    2. Sends the employee an email with a link to schedule an I-9 Anywhere appointment. H&S HR will be cc’ed on the communication.  

  • Employee:
    • Schedules with the local preparer and completes the I-9 process.

    • Completes and finalizes the process in the I-9 Anywhere portal.

  • I-9 Anywhere Preparer:
    • Verifies the I-9 is complete and updates the employee’s status in PeopleSoft
  • ​Payroll:
    • Notifies the employee and H&S HR via email to confirm the I-9 has been received.

  • ​H&S HR:
    • Will follow up with the department when the I-9 process is complete.

    • Upon receipt of the physical documents, Payroll will contact H&S HR if there are any subsequent questions. H&S HR will then follow up with the local department.

OPTION 2: Remote Preparer

A Remote Preparer is a second option for remote I-9 verification in which a university or college partnered with Stanford assists with processing the I-9 for remote employees. 

To complete an I-9 with a remote preparer:

  • H&S Department/Program/Center: 

    1. Submits the H&S Remote Preparer Request Form

    2. Informs the employee they will receive an email from H&S HR with information on how to complete their I-9 verification away from campus.

  • H&S HR: 

    1. Sends to the employee a list of local preparers, Form I-9, Remote Employee I-9 examples, and the Remote Preparer Instruction Sheet

      1. The requester will be cc’ed on communications sent to employees.

      2. If a remote preparer is not available within a reasonable distance, departments will be instructed to follow the I-9 Anywhere process.

  • Employee:

    1. Reaches out to the provided local preparers to schedule an appointment to process their I-9 documents. 

    2. Provides the Remote Preparer Instruction Sheet and Remote Employee I-9 examples to the remote preparer to verify employment documents. 

    3. NOTE: if the local preparer is not available, have the employee respond to the instructions email requesting additional options for verification.

  • Remote Preparer:
    • Forwards the completed I-9 form and employment eligibility document copies to Stanford University Payroll via fax and mail