Department Training/Workshop Request

We offer H&S departments the opportunity to request workshops that will support staff’s professional development, knowledge, and skillset of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Below are some available topics, however, workshops can be developed and tailored to specific skillsets and/or topics.

To request a workshop, please submit the request form

Anti-racist Bystander Intervention Strategies

In this workshop, participants will examine how multiple systems of oppression can shape workplace culture and gain tools to interrupt bystander and exclusionary practices in the workplace. 

Power, Privilege, and Systems of Oppression

This workshop explores how intersecting identities and interlocking systems of oppression impact positionality and power in higher education. Participants will explore their own identities and the ways that counter storytelling can be used as a tool to challenge historically oppressive narratives. 

Uplifting Empathy in Communication and Collaboration

During difficult and uncertain times, maintaining and cultivating relationships may be de-prioritized when managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the workplace. This interactive workshop will guide practices that enhance relationship building with colleagues and stakeholders by centering care and empathy in the workplace. 

Applying LGBTQ+ and Gender Affirming Practices

This workshop provides participants with an overview of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Trans, and Queer+ hxstory, gender and sexuality terminology, and applicable tools for advocacy in the workplace.