AS-R Appointment (FASA)


Academic Staff - Research (AS-R) are Stanford employees hired to work on Stanford research activities as defined below. As Stanford employees, Academic Staff - Research are subject to all policies and procedures related to Stanford employment, and receive staff benefits, as applicable.

A. Research Scientist

Working in a capacity which ordinarily requires a Ph.D. or its equivalent in research skill and subject knowledge, a Research Scientist is involved directly in the execution, and frequently the design, of a PI's research activities. His or her primary purpose is to assist the PI in attaining the goals of the PI's sponsored research projects. A Research Scientist may participate in the preparation of proposals, progress, and final reports, and may be the coauthor or sole author of research results, with agreement of the PI. Although not usually engaged in formal classroom teaching, a Research Scientist frequently assists in the guidance of postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students in the laboratory.

B. Senior Positions: Senior Research Scientist, Senior Research Engineer, Senior Research Scholar

Individuals whose accomplishments reflect professional achievement and recognition considerably greater than that of a Research Scientist may be appointed as Senior Research Scientist, Senior Research Engineer, or Senior Research Scholar, whichever is most appropriate to the nature of the individual's work.

Note: In Spring 1990, the Faculty Senate Committee on the Professoriate changed the designation of Senior Research Associate to Senior Research Scientist, Senior Research Engineer, or Senior Research Scholar. Individuals appointed to a senior position prior to Spring 1990 should have their position title changed accordingly.

Senior Research Scientists, Senior Research Engineers and Senior Research Scholars may serve as Co-investigators in association with a faculty PI on those research projects (and on related applications for support) for which they carry a significant role. Designation of Co-investigator is not an entitlement; it requires the permission of the PI.

AS-R Appointment Process:

All AS-R appointments must be initiated in the FASA System. If you don't have access, please contact your HR Manager. Once the appointment has been approved, please reference the New Hire process.

AS-R Letters

AS-R New Appointment Offer Letter - (updated 11/29/22)

AS-R Renewal Letter - (updated 11/29/22)

AS-R Promotion Letter - (updated 11/29/22)

AS-R Non-Renewal Letter - (updated 3/30/20)

*For more information on AS-R's, please visit the Stanford University Dean of Research's website*