Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate

Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate: The “Inclusion in the Workplace” certificate is an optional professional development opportunity for H&S staff. Participants will engage in a learning journey with specialized topics that will enhance professional competencies. Workshops 1-3 are required to receive the certificate of completion. Workshops are open to all H&S staff.

Workshop Descriptions:

1. Reframing Professionalism: Cultivating Belonging and Affirming Identities

Respect, communication, and collaboration are critical to fostering productive professional relationships. This workshop explores how historical and hierarchical power structures impact the implicit and explicit narratives of professionalism in workplace cultures. Participants will understand how radical empathy, care, and boundaries can serve as professional tools for advocacy and belonging. 

2. More Than a Joke: Applying Anti-Oppression Interventions in the Workplace

Have you experienced or witnessed harmful statements in the workplace and wanted to step in but didn’t know what to do? This session will unveil how harmful jokes or statements impact workplace culture and provide participants with pathways for intervening. 

3. Inequity in Higher Education and Strategies for Change

Creating pathways for change in higher education means understanding the roots and current process of exclusion and oppression. Participants will learn about historical policies of exclusion and key movements impacting the diversification of higher education. 

4. LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practices in the Workplace

This workshop provides participants with an overview of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Trans, and Queer+ hxstory, gender and sexuality terminology, and applicable tools for advocacy in the workplace.

5. Taking the “I” out of Imposter Syndrome: Countering Deficit Thinking and Reclaiming Space

Building cultures of belonging is imperative to fostering pathways for professional’s to thrive. This workshop will define imposter syndrome and offer strategies for combating deficit approaches and uplifting agency/power both individually and collectively in the workplace.