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New Staff

Recruiting a new staff? Below are resources that will help you in your role to onboard your new staff hire. Stanford University's Welcome Center also provides a wealth of information available for Managers and New Employees from the first day and beyond!

Before you can recruit a new employee, you will need to complete the following and submit to your HR Manager:

If this is a brand new position:

  1. Request to Add Staff
  2. JDEF Template
  3. Request a New Position Number
  4. Post a Job Requisition Form
  5. Position Approval Smartsheet

If this is a replacement position:

  1. Position Approval Smartsheet
  2. Post a Job Requisition Form

If this is a Waiver:

  1. Position Approval Smartsheet
  2. Provide the Stanford Application and CV
  3. Post a Job Requisition Form
  4. Written Justification for waiving a posting

Once the new position or replacement job posting language is approved, the position is posted on Taleo for a minimum of 10 calendar days. For assitance with Taleo, please see the policy guidelines and job aids here.

Once a candidate has been identified:

  1. Discuss salary offer with your HRM
  2. Discuss start date with your employee
  3. Generate Offer Letter
  4. Background Check must be requested, unless it is an internal transfer without an additional Education check
  5. A Search Summary Form must be completed to fully close out the posted requisition

Once the Background Check is complete, we are now ready to begin the hire process:

  1. Create the PeopleSoft hire webform
  2. Enroll your new employee in the Welcome Center
  3. Upload the employee's offer letter, resume, Stanford application and job description to the appropriate Box folder.

Fair Hiring FAQ

Salary Discussion Tip Sheet