New Staff

Recruiting a new staff? Below are resources that will help you in your role to onboard your new staff hire. Stanford University's Welcome Center also provides a wealth of information available for Managers and New Employees from the first day and beyond!

Before you can recruit a new employee, you will need to complete the following and submit to your HR Manager:

If this is a brand new position:

1. Request to Add Staff
2. JDEF TEmplate
3. Request a New Position Number
4. Post a Job Requisition Form
5. Position Approval Smartsheet

If this is a replacement position:

1. Position Approval Smartsheet
2. Post a Job Requisition Form

Once a candidate has been identified:

1. Discuss salary offer with your HRM
2. Discuss start date with your employee
3. Generate Offer Letter
4. A Background Check must be requested
Unless it is an internal transfer without an additional Education check
5. A Search Summary Form must be completed to fully close out the posted requisition

Once the Background Check is complete, we are now ready to begin the hire process:

1. Create the PeopleSoft hire webform
Enroll your new employee in the Welcome Center
Upload the employee's offer letter, resume, Stanford application and job description to the appropriate Box folder