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Successful Hiring and Behavioral Interviewing

A training series for H&S hiring managers
A key part of a manager's work is acquiring the talent needed to carry out objectives. In this three-part training series, H&S managers will review the entire process for making more effective hiring decisions while keeping within legal guidelines. The series provides a hiring road map and allows for practice in experiential interviewing. Each workshop will have a “bonus track” to build on the nuts and bolts of the hiring process.

Session Outcomes:

  • Understand the justification and posting process for a position
  • Hone interviewing skills to make the right hiring decisions
  • Prevent interviewers from veering off course and asking invalid - or worse, illegal - questions
  • Leave candidates with a favorable impression of the university
  • Improve retention by helping to select people who are engaged and who will be a good fit within the school
This training series will help you hone your interviewing skills to identify and hire the right people.

Session and Description



Session 1: Plan

This first workshop covers all the actions to identify the actual job you want to fill.  
Session 1 covers the full planning process for classifying and posting a position that is specific to your department/program needs. We discuss the difference between identifying internal and external candidates and the approaches you might take to the selection process. 
As part of the bonus track, we review Stanford’s compensation philosophy.

May 3rd

9:00-10:30 am

460 Margaret Jacks Hall, Greenberg Room (first floor)

Session 2: Initiate

The second workshop focuses on the preparation for interviewing candidates – choosing the right questions to evaluate the candidate pool.
The previous workshop established a profile of the position. To prepare for candidates, Session 2 will help you identify competencies, develop interview questions, and map out ideal responses. We will cover securing the appropriate interview team that will help in the process. The participants will practice evaluation of the candidates by a review of resumes. We will review your responsibilities for dispositioning data in Taleo during the hiring process.
In addition, the bonus track dives into determining a candidate’s culture fit at Stanford.

May 10th,

9:00-11:00 am

460 Margaret Jacks Hall, Greenberg Room (first floor)

Session 3: Execute

The third workshop covers the actual interview process.
The workshop covers interviews and best practices including how to be legally compliant during the process. We review preparation of your interview team on their roles and consideration for all interview logistics. We discuss assessing the feedback, conducting reference checks, making the job offer, and closing out candidates in the applicant tracking system.
The bonus track focuses on managing the candidate experience with Stanford.

May 21st

9:30-11:45 am

460 Margaret Jacks Hall, Greenberg Room (first floor)


Topic Facilitator

Rossella Derickson, performance and culture strategist for H&S and Stanford Graduate School of Business, is responsible for talent development. She was founder and principal in the company, Corporate Wisdom, and former Director of South Bay Organizational Development Network. Rossella has extensive experience in coaching leaders, designing leadership and management training, and translating organizational needs and cultural values into meaningful employee development programs. Her clients have included FormFactor, Amgen, Rockwood Capital, Phoenix Technology, PARC, eGain, Kodak, and Hitachi.